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Scientist Industrial Biotechnology (June 2023)

We are looking for a scientist to be added to our team.


BioscienZ BV is a small science based Biotech company founded in 2011 that carries out contract research for third parties. Next to this, we are in-house developing sustainable production technologies for new industrial applications such as novel materials, enzymes, metabolites, whole cell plant probiotics. A first demerger was The Protein Brewery, demerging in 2020 into a new scale up to become a Food Protein producing company.


As a scientist you will be amongst others performing microbial strain development either by; 

  1. Isolation from nature and characterizing the newly isolated organisms using genomic sequencing techniques

  2. Classical strain improvement by using mutation and selection in high throughput mode or by adaptive evolution or classical sexual breeding

  3. Molecular biological techniques by whole genome sequencing of organisms, Crispr Cas mediated genetic engineering


The work comprises bacteria, yeast and fungi and experience with Crispr Cas in fungi and yeast is a plus. Next to this, you should love to work in a startup environment and be able to execute multiple projects (also in parallel). You will help building a growing biotech team supporting also other business functions such as sales, regulatory, quality control, production, engineering. Also R&D work in the field of fermentation (from deep well plate up to 300 L scale), downstream processing and analytical chemistry will be part of your job.


In other words we look for a sheep with 5 legs, and also a good sense of humor and resilient character is needed!


We offer a dynamic and pleasant and exiting working day with good coffee, good music and fun colleagues that are eager to change the way we as humans produce stuff. The purpose is to help the transition to a very sustainable, healthy and pleasant future for everybody on this planet.


Next to this you get a reasonable salary and if the employment is mutually appreciated a stock option plan or profit sharing plan is part of the package.


Although we currently have locations in Ghent (B), Bünde (Limburg, NL), Asten (Noord Brabant, NL) and Breda (Noord Brabant, NL), the future of labs and manufacturing will be Breda and surroundings.


Do you have experience in the biotech field and are you interested in this job, please send your CV to

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