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BioscienZ and
FunGeneX awarded SBIR Phase 2 Grants in
New Food Challenge

May 7 2018 we got very good news from our Governmental Organisation RVO. The SBIR phase 2 grants were succesfully pitched for the Jury on March 26 and the official order to develop the technology was received last week. In June 2017, we won two projects in feasibility phase for local protein ingredients for meat replacement (BioscienZ) project as well as a project to demonstrate Egg White Protein Production by means of industrial fermentation by BioscienZ subsidiary FunGeneX.

In phase 2 BioscienZ will develop and scale up the proprietary process for the production of fermented vegetables al a soybean replacer in vegetarian food products in order to enable worldwide local production of delicious, nutritious, healthy, sustainable and cheap protein rich ingredients. Protein yields per HA are 5x higher than protein production using traditional protein plants like soybean or peas.  


FunGeneX will develop fungal strains to go to industrial levels of Ovalbumin and develop the Purification process on pilot plant scale to provide samples for potential Customers to enable application work.In order to enable these accellerated developments and to maintain and grow it's contract research capacities, BioscienZ/FunGeneX are realizing in August 2018 expansion of lab facilities, staff and office space 2-fold.

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