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We received a grant for mycoleather

What if you could enjoy leather handbags, shoes or wallets without feeling guilty about the environment? This will be possible with the next project of BioscienZ!

The leather industry nowadays is hard on the environment. Not only because of the great amount of livestock, but also due to the production process. The tanning process uses toxic chrome and pays a high toll in CO2. Synthetic leather is fully based on petrochemical building blocks.

BioscienZ, B4Plastics and Millvision combine strengths to make a sustainable alternative. This will be done by using fungal biomass, using novel BioscienZ fermentation technology to produce fungi on agro-food waste streams. B4Plastics and Millvision will take care on finishing the new leather materials.

The three SME’s have received a grant for a  Crossroads2-project by Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland. This project is funded by the European Union. Let’s make leather sustainable!

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