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Our region, West-Brabant, is known for its thriving chemical, agrofood, and energy sectors, which currently rely largely on fossil fuels. These sectors provide significant employment opportunities, but the transition to biobased alternatives is underway. BioscienZ, along with partner organizations such as Millvision, B4Plastics, and UHasselt, is spearheading an innovative project focused on developing a circular and biobased additive for the paper industry.


In West-Brabant, several companies are actively involved in the development and production of paper additives, making the region a key hub in this field. This project aims to green the chemical additives used in paper and cardboard production, utilizing biobased materials derived from fungi cultivated on waste streams derived from the paper industry. This not only enhances sustainability but also strengthens the value of the products.


By employing biobased additives, we aim to create a more sustainable production process that improves both process efficiency and product properties. This innovative project is in the pilot phase, with the goal of providing a concrete description and business case for further scaling up.


With an expected CO2 reduction of approximately 35.2 million tons per year and the potential to create new jobs, this project contributes not only to the renewal of the regional economy but also to the global transition to circular and biobased materials in the chemical industry.

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