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Breda Vega Project granted

We are happy to announce BioscienZ has received a grant from the Municipality of Breda within the framework of economic impulse for the project "Breda Vega” that combines the application of a plant based "Fermented Vegetable Protein” (FVP) to be produced in a Meat Brewery with Plant based Egg Whites obtained by means of fermentation in an Egg White Brewery from sugar beet juice, mashed potatoes or corn.


In this way Meat Analogues can be produced fully Vegan in a so called Vegan Butchery according to the following process scheme. The yield of meat analogues rich in proteins with very high content of essential amino acids will be 20x higher per Hectare of land as compared to animal route and will be very efficient in utilization of energy and water.

BioscienZ_Business infographic_4-3.png
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